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MHOF Inductee List 2001

Masters Hall of Fame Event 2001 - Inductee List

The following martial artists were nominated and inducted
into the following categories for the 2001 Masters Hall of Fame:
Platinum Life Achievement Award
  Dan Sawyer
Golden Life Achievement Award
  Master Dang Thong Phong
Silver Life Achievement Award
  Sifu Janet Gee
Grandmaster Award
  Soke Graham Lewis
Life Achievement Award
  Shihan Willie Blakeley (Posthumous - Accepting Award Catherine Blakeley)
Nick Rubio
Master Tony Thomas
Living Legend Award
  Shihan Edwin Harden
Kancho Sensei Tony Kull
Pioneer Award
  Soke-Dai Willard Cephas, Jr.
Shihan Audwin Comegys
Dr. T. Allen Gore
Outstanding Contributions To The Martial Arts
  Master Tim Hope
Sensei Hans Ingebretsen
Dr. James H. Tanaka
Sensei Rafael R. Telfer, Sr.
Outstanding Student of the Year
  Christine D. Shimizu