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Masters Hall of Fame to Release First Segment of Television Special

San Diego, CA (For Release) – Masters Hall of Fame, a leading organization dedicated to recognizing excellence in the martial arts, is pleased to announce the release to the Web of the first segment of their upcoming television special. The show will air in its entirety on the relaunched digital channel KZTC 7 in San Diego, CA.

“You don’t have to be an actor like Chuck Norris, Don “The Dragon” Wilson or Cynthia Rothrock to be in the Masters Hall of Fame.” Hanshi Daniel Hect, Masters Hall of Fame Chairman and CEO

The Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and has honored practitioners of every walk of the martial arts life. Inductees have included current and former members of the military and police forces; martial arts film stars, producers, directors and stunt people; amateur and professional competitors and champions; and master teachers of multiple disciplines. What these individuals all share in common is a lifetime of dedication to the martial arts.

“The best way to describe the Masters Hall of Fame is an organization that recognizes excellence in the martial arts,” explains CEO Hanshi Daniel Hect, a 10th Degree Black Belt and currently the Chief of Police at Denison University in Ohio. “We recognize the Dojo owners, we recognize martial artists that are in acting, we recognize police officers and high school teachers that are teaching martial arts.”

Master Rick Arnold, a 2013 recipient of the Silver Lifetime Achievement Award describes how members of the Masters Hall of Fame “build character through martial arts training.” He also points out that, “We teach self-defense skills that might one day save a life.” Professor Pat McDaniel, a Kajukenbo practitioner and Founder of Ki Do Kan, tells how martial arts “gave me another window to dream. I could dream big, and I could create…a way to discipline myself to do better in school.”

A number of other top martial artists are featured in interviews or clips during the opening segment of the special. Among these are singer and actress Stephanie Gerard, who appears in The Chemist directed by Art Camacho, 2015 Inductee Shun Shifu Matthew Fatusi, Minister of Defense Pablo Birriel and Vichai Supkitpa. Grand Master Christian Wulf of Hamburg, Germany, whose 30+ year old school has more than 200 students, is just one of many international martial artists who have graced the Masters Hall of Fame.

It is not only the traditional martial artists who have been honored by the Masters Hall of Fame. Hollywood has also been well represented, including 2015 Inductee Gloria Hendry, who co-starred with Roger Moore in the James Bond classic Live and Let Die and with martial arts film legend Jim Kelly in Black Belt Jones. Professional athletes in other fields have also been drawn to the martial arts, including Master Michael Edward Reid, a former professional football player with the Atlanta Falcons.

The release of the first segment of the Masters Hall of Fame special coincides with the upcoming Awards Banquets in June. The first ceremony will be on June 4 at the Hilton San Antonio in Texas with the legendary Frank Dux as keynote speaker. This will be followed on June 18 by a second ceremony at the Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square in Columbus, Ohio. There the keynote speaker will be martial arts leader Shifu Alan Goldberg.

For more information on the Masters Hall of Fame and the upcoming awards ceremonies, visit the website at For media information contact Kamatoy Media