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Masters Hall of Fame

The Masters Hall of Fame is a 503c not-for-profit organization established to benefit the martial arts. The Masters works to enhance Excellence in the Martial Arts by promoting martial arts events to the Martial Arts Community, as well as developing Leadership within the Martial Arts community.

The Masters Hall of Fame recognizes, develops, enhances and improves Martial Arts Leaders and Businesses by Developing and Recognizing Excellence in Martial Arts Communities.

The Organization
Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. In 2006, under the new leadership of Daniel Hect, the Masters Hall of Fame expanded the focus and operations to include the recognition of exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through Induction into the Masters Hall of Fame.

The Masters Hall of Fame Ambassadors nominate Martial Arts Leaders for Induction to the Masters Hall of Fame. Inductees are a cross section of the Martial Arts community from Police and Military Leaders, to Martial Arts Legends and Karate Champions.

The Masters Hall of Fame management team consists of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers who work closely with the Chief Executive Officer to fulfill the goals of the organization.

In September 2009 the Masters Hall of Fame's CEO Hanshi Daniel Hect joined the Disney Martial Arts Festival® as the Co-Director. As a result of this development the Masters Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and banquet was held in conjunction with the Disney Martial Arts Festival® through 2011.

The Masters Hall of Fame provides a variety of services to the Martial Arts community including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. These include Annual Awards Banquets, Martial Arts Demonstrations, Tournaments, Meetings, and a Martial Arts Festival. Most of the services are developed around an annual Masters Hall of Fame Induction event; however, as the organization grows, the Masters Hall of Fame will develop additional marketing services for the Masters Organization members.

In addition, the Masters provides direct services to Masters Members and their businesses, with event support, and special bulletins, press releases and group benefits such as discounts from Martial Arts suppliers and distributors, affiliation programs, discounts and seminars.

Among the benefits planned in the near future are Scholarships and/or Donations to individuals or organizations for their contribution in Martial Arts. We also will offer a group buying plan on martial arts supplies, bringing the Masters Hall of Fame base to the Martial Arts Community and inter-member product distribution