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2015 Masters Hall of Fame Inductees

We proudly present the 2015 Masters Hall of Fame Inductees. 

Sensei Elida Fidler Fidler - Inducted by Kyoshi  Robert Posslenzny

Associate Master of Arts Curtis J. Adkins II  - Inducted by  Kyoshi Robert Posslenzny

Shihan Mihran Aghvinian  - Inducted by  Master Jamie Cashion

Master Rafael Alderete Shihan   - Inducted by  Jacov Bresler

Master Mika'ele Armstrong  - Inducted by Kuma Michelle Manu

Master Instructor Aaronv Aziz - Inducted by  Shihan Jacov Bresler

Grand Master 7th Lee Bindra  - Inducted by Kyoshi Robert Posslenzny

GrandMaster 8th Pauline Bindra  - Inducted by  Kyoshi Robert Posslenzny

Sifu Chris Botto Inducted by  - Inducted by Sifu Bob Deahl

Sifu Toby Bruce  - Inducted by Sifu Humberto David de Jesus

Master (Professor) Keith Butler   - Inducted by  Kyoshi Robert Posslenzny

Master Master Chan Sifu Humberto  - Inducted by  David de Jesus

Kancho Chang / Founder John T. Chang  - Inducted by Grandmaster Eugene Tibon

Grandmaster Tony Eugene Collins  - Inducted by Sifu Bob Deahl

Master Cedric Abordo Concon  - Inducted by Grandmaster Darren Tibon

Professor Alberto Crane  - Inducted by Shihan Jacov Bresler

Guro Darren Dailey  - Inducted by Grandmaster Darren Tibon

53-3-38kos MMA (UGPE) Champ Apache Running-Hawk  Daklugie Coach  - Inducted by  Kidd Jason

Sifu Restita DeJesus  Budo Award

Sensei Kathryn Doi  - Inducted by Grandmaster  Eugene Tibon

Professor David A. Ducay  - Inducted by Grandmaster  Darren Tibon

Chief Instructor for Japan Karate DO Jinen-Kai Chad Eagan  - Inducted by Grandmaster Eugene Tibon

Shun Shifu Fatusi  - Inducted by  Sifu Humberto David de Jesus

Shihan Fukuda  - Inducted by Grandmaster Eugene Tibon

Dr. Robert Goldman  - Inducted by Master Jamie Cashion

Sigung~Founder Of S.T.O.R.M. (1993) OJ Guerra  - Inducted by Grand Master Eric Lee

Sensei Uriah A. Hall  - Inducted by Master German Hernadez

Boo Sabum Nim Reed S. Harris  - Inducted by Master Thomas Boganski

Sifu Craig Heimbichner  - Inducted by Master Thomas Boganski

Honorary - Tae Kwon Do, Shorin Kempo and Shorin-Ryu Gloria Hendry  - Inducted by Grandmaster Robert Parham

Sifu Michael Huffman  - Inducted by y Grandmaster Eric Lee

Tuhan Brandon D. Jordan  - Inducted by Sifu Resita DeJesus

Dr. Chiu Chi Ling  - Inducted by Sifu Humberto David de JesusSensei Justin King Love Sr.  - Inducted by Grandmaster Eugene Tibon

Sensei Lindsay H. Manchua  - Inducted by Master Thomas Boganski

Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques Grand Master Eric Lee

Sensei Patrick Martin Master German Hernandez

Sifu Michael Matsuda Sifu Bob Deahl

Doctor Michael McCalister Coach Kidd Jason

Professor Patrick McDaniel Sifu Bob Deahl

Sr. GM Hanshi Dr Victor Moore Grandmaster Robert Parham

Great Grandmaster Micheal A. Owens-Wilson Sifu Bob Deahl

Master Anovath AIRR Phanthip Kru  Lisa King

Master  Kenneth Andre Pitts Grandmaster Robert Parham

Grand Senior Master Amiruddin A. Qadir Coach Kidd Jason

Grand Master Martin Ramirez Shihan Jacov Bresler

Master David L. Reed Sifu Bob Deahl

Senior Grandmaster 10th Dan Terry D. Reid  Sifu Bob Deahl

Instructor Peter M. Reiff Sr. Sifu Restita DeJesus

Master Crystal Santos Grandmaster Eric Lee

Grandmaster Darrell Sarjeant Sifu Restita DeJesus

Master Frank Scheler Kyoshi Robert Posslenzny

Soke-Shotokan-Jutsu Eddie Sellers Grandmaster Robert Parham

Master Of The Arts John Sepulveda The Mike Stone Leadership Award Professor Bob White

Sabumim Pamela Soldoff Sifu  Restita DeJesus

Master Of Arts-Limalama Greg  Spence Kyoshi  Robert Posslenzny

Ajarn Vichai "Rex" Supkitpol Master Thomas Boganski

Jiu Jitsu & MMA Officiator Jennifer Takos Kru Lisa King

Master Clark Tang Sifu Bob Deahl

Sifu Gilbert Troncosa Master Jamie Cashion

Guro Rocci Randall Twitchell Sifu Restita DeJesus