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Academy of Masters Inductee List 2008


Academy of Masters - 2008 Inductee List

The following martial artists were nominated and inducted
into the following categories for the 2008 Academy of Masters:
Male Student of the Year
  Associate Instructor Chris Baxter
Sensei Ali Fakourfar
Nidan Vladimir Lacas
  Instructor Sean Lee
Instructor Justin Thomas
Kevin Michael Weber
Female Student of the Year
  Sensei Judy Hubbard    
Instructor of the Year
  Master David H. Baker
Sifu Jasmin Bond
Sisook Joshua Bond
Senior Instructor Dustin Bortin
Sisook Dustin Carter
Instructor Jose Cedeno
  Sensei Salvatore Cirinclone
Master David King Hinesley
Instructor Matthew Peters
Sifu Bob Rose
Sifu Michael Stead
Male Competitor of the Year
  Sensei Phillip A. Palmejar   Sifu Rich Quesada
Female Competitor of the Year
  Instructor Martiza Velazquez