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Taekowndo Master Rafael Alderete

Inducted Into  Masters Hall of Fame 2015

Hollywood, CA (For Release) – Master Rafael Alderete,  a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo WTF, was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame at the 2015 Awards Banquet sponsored by Monster Energy on Saturday, June 6. The event took place at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the site of the first Academy Awards ceremony in 1929. The event hosted by Master of Ceremonies and martial arts actor T.J. Storm. Michael Matsuda, the founder and president of the Martial Arts History Museum, will be the keynote speaker.

Master Rafael Alderete (Right) with Shihan Jacov Bresle on the Red Carpet at Masters Hall of Fame 2015, The Hollywood Roosevelt -Photo by Mary Kamatoy

“I want to dedicate my life exclusively to the legacy of the martial arts and to helping people through my Christian beliefs.” Master Rafael Alderete

A native of Rosario, Argentina, Master Alderete began his martial arts studies in the 1970s under Professor Jorge Cerezoli in K.A.P.U. (Karate Puma), an Argentinean Martial Art founded by Grand Master and 10th Dan Hugo Alberto Gomez Fernandez. Master Alderete then began studying Taekwondo in military school in Buenos Aires, eventually graduating and joining the Special Forces Cobra Commando unit.

During and after his military career, Master Alderete competed around the world as an amateur fighter, also training and competing in kickboxing. In the 1980s he came to the United States and trained under several Taekwondo masters, including Masters Num Wang Kim, Jun Chong and Kwang Sam Kim.

Today Master Alderete trains in Kapap under Sensei Jacov Bresler and Grand Master Moshee Galisko. Master Alderete also trains in Brazilian Jiujitsu, under 3rd Degree Black Belt Professor Alberto Crane from Gracie Barra in Burbank, CA, and assists Grand Master Martin Ramirez with training and testing at Ramirez Twin Tigers Tae Kwon Do. He is currently working toward advanced certification as an instructor and plans to return to Argentina to open a training studio.

“Today I am fully involved in the martial arts,” says Master Alderete. “I want to dedicate my life exclusively to the legacy of the martial arts and to helping people through my Christian beliefs. I am honored to be a part of the Masters Hall of Fame, and I look forward to being a part of MHOF in Latin America.”

The Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as one of the premier Martial Arts events on the West Coast. The association recognizes exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. Honorees are chosen for their dedication to the martial arts and their work in the community, as well as their individual successes.

To learn more about Ramirez Twin Tigers Tae Kwon Do, visit; learn more about Gracie Barra, Burbank at For more information on the Masters Hall of Fame, visit the website at For media information contact Kamatoy Media Group at 844­526­2869 (844­KAMATOY) or


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