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 Grandmaster Darryl Vidal Inducts Six into the Masters Hall of Fame

Costa Mesa, CA (for Release) - Grandmaster Darryl Vidal, a 10th Degree Black Belt (Ju Dan) in Chinese Kenpo Karate, inducted six new members into the Masters Hall of Fame at the 20th Anniversary Awards Banquet at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa on Saturday, July 26, 2019.  The event featured Dr. Robert Goldman as Grandmaster of Ceremonies, action film star Sifu Cynthia Rothrock as Keynote Speaker, and a special screening of the short film “The Last Dojo.”


Costa Mesa, CA- Red Carpet Masters Hall of Fame 2019. From left to right...
Jacqui Wendling, Ric Chadd, Chris Peliteri, Cliff Belschner, Sean Kanan, Darryl Vidal and Michael Gregston.

A writer and businessman as well as a respected martial arts instructor, Grandmaster Vidal gained a measure of fame when he appeared in the original Karate Kid movie. In addition to playing one of the semi-final contestants, he was asked to create and perform the iconic “crane kick” as Pat Morita’s stunt double. He currently instructs students in Kenpo Karate, Wing Chun and Filipino Stick Fighting through the Murrieta Parks and Recreation Department. 

Costa Mesa, CA - Red Carpet Masters Hall of Fame 2019.
Shihan Chris Peliteri and Darryl Vidal.
- Photos by

"The Masters Hall of Fame continues to be a superlative organization in recognition of outstanding Martial Artists who have impacted the martial arts world but also give directly to their community through advocacy of martial arts discipline, training, self-improvement and self-defense,” said Grandmaster Vidal. “This year I have inducted several lifelong martial artists, some that I have known my whole martial arts life. Two of my other inductees are martial artists and dojo owners that I have known and respected for at least a decade.”

Ric Chadd and Daryl Vidal on the Red Carpet at Masters Hall of Fame 2019.

Masters Cliff Belschner, Jacqui Wendling, and Michael Gregston are from Grandmaster Vidal’s dojo and have have been teaching and training for decades. Two others, Shihan Chris Peliteri and Shihan Ric Chadd, have been outstanding representatives of martial arts leadership and active volunteers within their community.

Darryl Vidal and Sean Kanan at Masters Hall of Fame 2019.

Grandmaster Vidal’s final 2019 inductee, Sean Kanan, is an actor and author who is well known for his role as Mike Barnes in the Karate Kid Part 3. “Sean has trained in martial arts his entire adult life and continues to live up to the standards and discipline we all aspire to,” said Vidal, “as well as being a lifelong advocate for martial arts for self-improvement and self-esteem."


Cliff Belschner and Darryl Vidal.

The Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as the premier Martial Arts event on the West Coast. The association recognizes exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. Honorees are chosen for their dedication to and support of the martial arts and their work in the community. Find more information on the Masters Hall of Fame at For media inquiries please contact 307-461-9833

Michael Gregston and Darryl VidalJacqui Wendling and Darryl Vidal



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