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ShichiDan Jacqui Wendling inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame

Costa Mesa, CA (For Release) - ShichiDan Jacqui Wendling, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate, was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame at the 20th Anniversary Awards Ceremony Saturday, July 27, 2019. The event, which took place at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa, featured Dr. Robert Goldman as Grandmaster of Ceremonies and action film star Sifu Cynthia Rothrock as Keynote Speaker. Ms. Wendling was nominated for induction by Grandmaster Darryl Vidal.

A late comer to the martial arts, ShichiDan Wendling began her studies in Kenpo, a mix of Chinese and Japanese martial arts, in 1995 at the age of 38 at the Rosas Kenpo Karate Association with Sensi Joe Rosas in Chino, Calif. She earned her black belt in 2000, alongside one of her high school students, and then chose to continue as an instructor. Today Ms. Wendling is both an instructor and a member of the board.

As a lifelong athlete, competing in various sports since age 3, Ms. Wendling brought those experiences to play as she began her competitions in Kenpo. After a disappointing showing as a yellow belt in her first competition at the Long Beach Internationals, she used that experience to spur herself to train harder. She learned to read and respond to her opponents, and when she returned as a brown belt she took her division after 14 bouts.

“Martial arts are a mind set that teaches confidence, team work, composure in uncomfortable circumstances, how to present oneself and how to respond to failure, respect, and honor,” says Ms. Wendling. “Martial arts has empowered me in countless ways. To me there is no greater compliment than when your peers recognize and honor you. Thank you to my martial arts family.”

Rosas.PNGThe Masters Hall of Fame was founded in 1999 and is recognized as the premier Martial Arts event on the West Coast. The association recognizes exceptional Martial Arts Leaders and Legends through induction into the Masters Hall of Fame. Honorees are chosen for their dedication to and support of the martial arts and their work in the community. 

For more information about Rosas Kenpo Karate Association, visit the website at Find more information on the Masters Hall of Fame at For media information, contact Kamatoy Media Group at


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